Today, we are excited to launch a new capability to our Online Training Center (OTC) -- SETTINGS.  Within SETTINGS you will be able to set goals and threshold that help you identify the athletes you need to spend more time with. Until today, we've done that by leveraging the thresholds we've observed across our entire data set, but as we've continued to grow and work with even more coaches and athletes from different sports, we realized that not every team requires the same threshold settings. We've listened to your feedback and are excited to help you create an experience that is customized to you. This will make your Athos flagging even more relevant and accurate to help you understand if your programming changes are working.  

To access the settings menu, click on SETTINGS in the top right hand corner of your screen. Within this tab you will find Acute:Chronic Ratio today and coming soon Training Load, L:R Imbalances and Contributions. 

Acute:Chronic Ratio (ACR)

ACR helps coaches understand how acute or recent training compares to chronic or historic training. Within the ACR settings, you can now customize the Acute and Chronic values. This will influence the default ACR display as well as the ACR used in your athlete flags.  

If you change the ACR to 3:7, athletes that are flagged in the team dashboard will be flagged for their 3:7 ACR exceeding 1.2 or below 0.8.  If you change this to 7:21, athletes that are flagged will be flagged for a 7:21 ACR exceeding 1.2 or below 0.8, and so on. 

To change your ACR settings, simply click on the option you’d like to select.  In the image below, 3:7 is selected.  But don’t worry, you can still toggle between ACRs within the ACR glance so that you can still see all 3 ACRs at a quick glance, these settings control your default value and the value used to flag athletes.  

Training Load, L:R Imbalances, Contributions -- Coming Soon!!

Over the next several months, we will continue to roll out new goal and parameter settings customization for all of the Athos metrics.  

Keep an eye on your inbox to learn about the launch of these abilities.  

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