Using the app requires the iPhone/iPad and staying in 50' range.

  • Go to AppStore (iPhone app only)
  • If you are using iPad> In the search filters, tap on “Supports” and choose “iPhone Only” from the selection options (the default is iPad Only)
  • Search “Athos” and choose the one shown: 
  • Click “Get”
  • Once downloaded, open Athos App
  • Log In as <New User>
  • With the athlete in the gear (nothing underneath), have core in hand and pair with device by going to “Gear” at the bottom.
  • Once your core is connected, go ahead and place it in the gear.
  • Warm Up for 5-10 minutes of stretching, biking, jogging, etc. Get some sweat going!
  • For your first session only, you’ll need to calibrate your gear before getting started.
  • With calibration complete you can select the “Workout” in the lower left of the screen and get started! 
  • Select “Free Form Workout” and begin.

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