Athos is providing cleaning guidance in accordance with the information available through the CDC. The guidance is our best effort to limit the chance of contamination but we cannot guarantee its effectiveness.

Click here for additional guidance from the CDC

Athos's recommendation for Cleaning Hardware:

  • Wiping the front of the cores is fine after each session, lysol may start to remove the coloring of the engraved letters but the actual engraving will stay there

  • Wiping the back of the cores after each session could be ok, as long as it is just one swipe and not rubbing it as that can remove the carbon black (conductive particles) from the TPU surface

  • Isopropyl alcohol is recommended, should be a good as a disinfectant and not damaging the core if it is used lightly

  • Issue can be with mount or core, but is usually more related to the core. “Dirty core” is not typically actual dirt/dust, it is usually body oil/sweat from the user’s hands. It’s more common for this to happen to the core bumps than the mount bumps. That being said, may be a good idea to wipe the mount bumps occasionally (less often than core bumps)

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